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SIMPLES - Modular Sole Preparation and Cleaning System 


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  • Optical laser sensors ensured the positioning of the material along the entire path;

  • Sole preheating module, via programmable forced air jet from 40°C to 80°C;

  • Kisafix Cleaner application module, used for the release of mold release agents and dirt particles inherent in the sole injection processes;

  • Vaporizer Module, used for the total removal of contaminating agents from the sole previously released by the cleaning agent application module;

  • Sole drying area to eliminate all water particles still present after previous processes;

  • Area for application of primer (requires UV curing), the application is carried out on the entire lateral edge of soles from number 4 to 9. Due to the sensing system, the nozzles only apply the primer when the shoes are in the position of the corresponding module, minimizing the primer loss;

  • The elevator has the function of promoting time between two operations (anterior primer and adhesive or posterior storage). This time may be necessary for the product to remain in contact with the sole before applying the adhesive (in the case of halogenating primers), or drying (in the case of other types of primers);

  • Area for application of glue, performed in an automated way by means of a tool coupled to the robot arm, this being
    pistol or brush tool, of varied format and mechanisms, according to the soles and adhesives to be worked on;

  • Machine suitable for Brazilian safety standards NR 12 and European CE standard.

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