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  • Replaces the use of water-based or solvent-based adhesive with Henkel Hotmelt PUR - a single-layer adhesive, which guarantees a longer-lasting adhesion to the final product, making it more resistant to heat, oils, solvents, water, among others;

  • It is more sustainable because it is a one-component adhesive - it does not emit VOCs and does not require any kind of mixing or preparation ;

  • Application only on the sole, eliminating the need for adhesive on the upper and its drying process ;

  • Adhesive application done in an automated way via robot that guarantees uniform and continuous application, regardless of the type of sole, as the automation is able to read the component and automatically adapt to the new model and all its sizes ;

  • Main benefits Hotmelt PUR Henkel: Better bonding performance (compared to traditional adhesives);
    Reduces the total cost of the bonding process - It is the most sustainable solution on the market;

  • The use of UV LEDs adds extreme energy efficiency and process quality to the equipment, due to the
    energy transfer to the sole - This system has a durability of 25,000 hours;

  • New conveyor system that reverses the direction of the sole to carry out UV led curing in 360 degrees:

  • Exclusive bell-shaped press ideal for  pressing of the most different types of soles (box, flat,  jump, etc.);

  • Efficient robot for applying adhesive to any shape of soles, as it reads each foot, adjusting the setup

  • Intelligent System that collects information and facilitates line management through data analysis, fault control, among other variables, all in real time;

  • Machine suitable for Brazilian safety standards NR 12 and European CE standard.

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