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Mod. 740 NIR


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  • Hybrid control system for forced ventilation and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) processed via PLC that modulates the power of the lamps for greater use;

  • Refrigeration of the lamps that guarantees a longer useful life;

  • Ventilation with air mattress and heat reuse, covering the entire area with uniformity;

  • Presence sensor that guarantees that the NIR lamps operate only with the presence of footwear, eliminating energy loss;

  • Infrared temperature sensors that automatically adjust the machine's power and control the temperature instantly from foot to foot, as informed by the HMI;

  • High-tech thermal insulation with ceramic fiber eliminates heat dissipation losses in the housing;

  • NIR (Near Infrared) lamp designed with the ideal wavelength for drying and reactivation, which corrects the power instantly;

  • Rounded corners that allow greater efficiency in the passage of air;

  • Adhesive adhesion indicator lamp;

  • Internal structure and mat coated with reflective material, eliminating losses;

  • Conveyor stop sensor is activated at the end of the course, preventing shoes from falling;

  • Mat with positioning for sole and upper;

  • Independent drying for sole and upper, with individual controls;

  • Machine suitable for Brazilian safety standards NR 12 and European CE standard.


Installed electrical power 25940  W*

average electrical consumption  3600 W*

Average daily production ON REQUEST*

working temperature range  up to 120ºC

Net weight  410 kg

Gross weight  476 kg

machine dimensions  955 x 2308 x h1504 mm

box dimensions  1120 x 2550 x h1730 mm

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Vicentina Line - Farroupilha

Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

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