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Mod. 466


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  • Useful opening of 80mm between plateaus. Greater autonomy in the use of molds;

  • Safety relays monitor safety door, bi-manual pushbuttons and emergency pushbuttons;

  • Easy access rear door for machine maintenance and setup;

  • Heated plateaus controlled by thermocouples to guarantee the quality control of the final product;

  • Movable lower plateau for easy and safe positioning of the product to be pressed;

  • Protective tarpaulin to prevent access during movement and to protect mechanisms from excessive dust;

  • Zero effort bimanual pushbutton, which guarantees safety when operating the machine;

  • Machine suitable for Brazilian safety standards NR 12 and European CE standard.


maximum working pressure  130 BAR*

Installed electrical power 14516 W*

Average electrical consumption ON REQUEST*

Average daily production ON REQUEST*

working temperature range  up to 300ºC

pressing force  10000 kgf

Maximum pressing height  100mm

Platform dimensions 700 x 420mm

Net weight  1070 kg

Gross weight  1130 kg

machine dimensions  1270 x 955 x h1820 mm

box dimensions  1603x1060 x h2155 mm

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+ 55 54 3261 9900

RST 453, KM 117.8 

Vicentina Line - Farroupilha

Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

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