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Mod. 300IV


linhas integradas branca_Prancheta 1 cóp
  • Scissors with short and medium options;

  • Cold die pressing rubber closure with double cylinder;

  • Cold matrix inversion that allows to shape any shoe model (moccasin, boots,...);

  • Steam in the hot form, avoids burning or drying of the material;

  • Easy-to-adjust tweezers. Force directed to the stretch of the cut;

  • Eco-friendly refrigeration unit with 134A gas;

  • Time and temperature control by PLC;

  • Temperature control with PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) and solid-state relay, energy-saving control precision;

  • Two-hand drive;

  • Injected teflon coated hot matrix;

  • Fast cold die change;

  • Die support with stainless steel tube;

  • LED bezel to center the cut;

  • Machine suitable for Brazilian safety standards NR 12 and European CE standard.


maximum working pressure  7 BAR*

Average air consumption per cycle  35 L*

Installed electrical power  2986 W*

average electrical consumption  1770 W*

Average daily production ON REQUEST*

Working temperature range Up to 150ºC

Net weight  340 kg

Gross weight  388 kg

machine dimensions  1380 x 725 x h2000 mm

box dimensions  1450 x 850 x h2230 mm

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